A Lession In Obedience by Samantha Carman

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Master came home and found me on-line chatting with another man. I quickly got on hands and knees before him begging for forgiveness. “Im sorry Master, I won’t do it again”

He grabbed me by my hair and stood me up making me look him in the eyes. “It’s time I teach you a lession in obedience, you little slut” Strip and stand there like a good girl.” I did as I was told while Master left.

A moment later he returned with his hands full. He pulled my arms behind my back and tied them with a black silk scarf, then he placed a collar around my neck. To the collar he attached a leash, I was now his pet. Naked and leashed he led me out to the car and placed me in the seat. I was scared. I had no idea what he would do next. He had never been this angry before.

I could feel the vinyl seats getting slick from my cunt, I knew what ever was going to happen I would get off. Master always got me off.

Half and hour later we parked just outside the woods. Taking me by the leash, master pulled me out of the car and towards the woods. The moon was full  and the trees empty of leaves so it was not so dark. The Autumn air was cold and made me shiver. We walked deep into the woods before Master stopped me.

My feet were brused from the rocks and limbs I walked over. Master pulled me towards the trunk of a tree where he untied my hands.

“Lift your hands above your head and place them on the tree, dirty little slut” I did as I was told and he tied them back together around the tree trunk. With his feet he spread my legs, my pussy getting wetter with anticipation. THWAK! The riding crop he used stung my ass and I screamed. “You will take your punishment in silence or I will make it worse. Do you understand my little whore?” I nodded my head as the next blow came. The pain blossomed across my ass. I held back my cry, I would not let him break me. A few more times the crop hit my ass. I wanted to cry, I wanted to screm but I wouldnt do it. I held it back. I was so wet I wanted him to fill me, I wanted all of him deep in my cunt.

Master bent down and kissed my welt streaked ass, gently. “You took your punishment very well, Love. Now I will give you what you want.” Master unzipped his pants. I could feel his rock hard cock across my ass, wet with precum. The head teased my opening making my head spin. “Please fuck my cunt, Master. Fuck this dirty little cunts pussy. I have learned my lession and I will never do it again, please”

A moan escaped her lips as her Master thrust hard and deep. Her face and breasts were scrached by the rough tree bark adding to her excitement. “Fuck me harder, Master. Hard” He plunged into her as hard as he could plowing her into the rough tree. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. With a cry her muscles seized his cock inside of her, milking him as she rode a wave of pleasure.

When she was done Master untied her and turned her around, placing a hard kiss on her lips. He grabbed her hair and pushed her down on her knees. With his big hands he expertly stoked his cock. She waited, patiently, Inside she was screaming for him to cum. She wanted to feel it, wanted to taste it. Finally her wish was granted as his hot seed covered her face. She came again. Master always gave her what she wanted. Once he was spent he dressed and led her back to the car. Naked, wet, and satisfied…to be continued


  1. Alynna said,

    To chat or not to chat?

    • samanthacarman said,

      That is the question.

  2. Coyote said,

    Your story was nicely detailed. I would’ve edited a few punctuation changes, but that’s just how my mind works, since I do a lot of writing, both at work and outside of my job. It felt a little bit like Jim Thompson ghostwriting Anne Rice, which I found welcomely surprising and very cool.

    Overall, I liked it a lot.

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