Submission Poems by Bigray Main

September 15, 2009 at 3:13 am (Uncategorized)

Bigray Main is a friend of mine on fb who writes amazing poetry. I had to share them with you and he agreed. Thank you Bigray!!!!

Poem 1

Long I wandered
Through the wild, estranged worlds
Of strength
Alone I fought
To conquer and to tame my life
At length
Proud I stood
Upon the brink of knowing, yet never sure
Of self
In pain I rested
Ownerless and owning nought
Save for myself

Now I kneel before
You my wife, my lady, my liege,
My queen
Together at last
Consort to your power, submitted to your right
Owning me
Meek I bow
In love ever lasting, my heart with peace
Gives song
For now I know
And feel the truth throughout my being
I belong

Poem 2
At the funeral on the remembrance lawn
Looking at her all in black gave me the horn
This may well be regarded as shocking
But I pictured her wearing only stockings
I offered her my condolences and good wishes
And later after flirting we exchanged kisses
I removed her from her smart black suit
Peeling her like a piece of ripe fruit
Once divested of her widows weeds
My attentions turned to sowing my seeds
Naked but for stockings and suspender belt
I fondled her breasts as before her I knelt
Her nipples stood proud and swollen
No hint of innocence to be stolen
I kissed her from mouth to stocking top
And below her belly I took a pause to stop
Gently I kissed her pale pink haven
Silkily soft to touch and freshly shaven
She opened like a flower before me
And I tasted her sweet nectar eagerly
I explored amidst the petals tenderly
Before I worked at her more rythmically
She moaned in explosive climax loudly
My throbbing organ stood out proudly
She lay before me a tattoo on her hip
And with piercing’s in ears, nose and lip
I lay to pierce her flesh with myself too
And on her beat out a passionate tattoo
Then after great mutual consummation
Further pleasures were the expectation
Her eager mouth was so well employed
Rendering oral pleasure well enjoyed
Then came the gift for naughty girls
When she wore my necklace of pearls
With no chance she would lay serenely
She begged for more quite wantonly
Mutual oral satisfaction was one way
And toys and lotions came in to play
Then not tiring of our copulations
She offered herself again for penetration
More times after that I entered her
Until I was only shooting dust and air
Finally she let me sleep but just till dawn
When I awoke to her mouth about my horn
Her husband long forgot he didnt treat her well
but me she made smile, and I her as well.

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