The Girl Next Door

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tShe had spent all summer trying to land Mr. Larson next door. He had just gone back inside after watering his lawn. It was time to act. Before the curtains want back to hanging neatly on the rod, Jane was knocking on his door.

Micheal had opened the front door and found Jane standing there in a girl scout uniform that was way too small. Her young supple flesh and girly curves hung out everywhere. She was only 17 but her body was all woman. Her breasts were large and her ass was firm, and it took all he had to resist her.

He always had to hide the erection he got when she was around. He wanted to shove her over the arm of the couch and spank her firm ass and take her hard. But the image of his wife always popped into his head, ruining the party. I cant do that to her. He looked at Jane again and her tight uniform and felt his cock jerk in his pants. His will broke.

She pushed past him brushing her hip against his erection. She smiled. She plopped herself down on the couch, her skirt flipped up just enough to let him know she wasnt wearing any panties.

Jane could feel Michaels hungry eyes on her, and she knew he would finally give in. She smiled at him devilishly and slowly spread her legs. Her slick wet cunt was now in full view, an offering to him. Ready and waiting all he had to do was take. She began slowly unbuttoning her shirt revealing her ample breasts, and her hard pink nipples.

He crumbled, he could resist no more. Michael went quickly to her and began sucking on her nipples making her whimper and squirm in delight. Occasionally he would nip on her nipples trying to be careful even though all he wanted to do was consume her. His primal instincts to conquer and mate had taken over, she was his. He plunged his fingers into her tight wet hole hard,and began pumping them in and out. She let out a cry and began to match his rhythm.

Mr. Larson’s fingers felt so good deep inside her cunt. When he flicked his tongue across her swollen clit she almost lost it. He began to suck on her swollen nub while thrusting his fingers in hard, causing her to unravel. He continued sucking and lapping her folds while his fingers increased in speed. She she had finally won and Mr Larson was all hers, her hard work and refusal to give up had paid off and he was every bit as delicious as she had imagined him being. She reached forward taking hold of his belt undoing them as quickly as her fingers would allow.

Once his swollen cock was released from his pants Jane pounced on it like a hungry cougar. Her lips kissing and sucking, her tongue licking…damn if felt so fucking good. He grabbed her by her hair to insure she didn’t stop and moved her head back and forth controlling her rhythm. ” You like sucking my cock. you dirty little whore?”

She looked up at him with those big innocent brown eyes, cock in mouth, she looked so young. He held her head  tighter and thrust his cock into her mouth completely. She made little gagging sounds adding to his excitement. He was getting really close and there was no way he was finishing without fucking her tight cunt first.

Jane couldnt believe she had taken his whole cock in her mouth. After what seemed like eternity of her choking and gagging he finally loosened his hold on her hair. She sat back and anxiously awaited his next move.

Michael did exactly what he had always imagined doing. He picked her up bent her over the arm of the couch and slammed his cock hard into her tight little cunt from behind. He grabbed her hair and pulled hard. Thrusting harder and faster. “I have imagined fucking your cunt for a long time you naughty little whore, and I know you wanted it. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.” her voice was so soft he could barely hear her.

“Louder you little slut, Tell me how bad you wanted me to fuck your little cunt.”

“I have wanted you to fuck my cunt so bad, Mr Larson…So, bad…” her voice trailed off and nothing but loud moans escaped her lips and he fucked her harder and faster until he filled her with cum.

Susan’s day had been long and hard and she couldnt wait to get home and unwind. After pulling into the drive and taking one last business call she decided to turn off her phone and go in to relax. A hot shower was first priority. On the way up to the front door she heard load cries coming from inside her house. She smiled and speed up. Opening the door she found her husband with the neighbor girl bent over the couch “Michael” she shouted.

Will Susan be pissed or join in the fun? Find out in part 2.


  1. jean cuillerier said,

    i think she’ll join ooooo your a great writer you seriously got me soooo hard!!!!

  2. Amber BamberJamber said,

    I couldn’t post this in the group, But I thought your story was amazing 🙂

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