Teachers Pet

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 The bell rang signaling the end of school. Victoria quickly gathered her stuff and tried to get out the door before the teacher asked her to stay. She was failing math and would have to go to summer school so she could graduate. Mr. Simpleton was gorgeous in a Clark Kent way. He distracted her and she never paid attention to her lessons.

“Vicky, please stay behind, I need to speak with you.”

“Yes Mr. Simpleton.”

Oh fuck! She thought as she sat back down at her desk. Once everyone was out of the room he closed the door and sat down in his seat.

“Please come over here, Vicky.” He said while running his hand across his massive desk.

He could feel his cock growing in his pants as he watched her move across the room. She had big doe eyes and an innocent face, her lips were ripe and he wanted her bad. Her hair was pulled back and her heavy breasts jiggled in her button down shirt as she moved closer. He couldn’t wait to taste her.

“I know I’m failing Mr. Simpleton, but I promise I will work really hard to bring up my grades. Just give me another chance.”

“Do you want to go to summer school, Vicky?” He asked.

“No, I’m going to Greece for the summer, I have to pass this class.”

She looked so sad it broke his heart. I know exactly what she can do to get her grades up. A wicked smile crossed his face.

“I have some extra credit you can do to pass this class, if you would be willing, but you must do exactly what your told.” He could see the questions and the doubt running through her eyes.

All Vicky could think of was going to Greece and the look on her parents face if she told them she would have to go to summer school. Her decision was made.

“I will do anything, Mr. Simpleton, anything at all.”

“Sit on my desk in front of me so I can get a better look at you”

Vicky moved between him and his desk and lifted her ass up to sit. Mr. Simpleton had moved his chair back and he was staring hungrily at her. With his hands he slowly parted her legs. He could see her white cotton panties under the hem of her skirt. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt revealing the mountains of her breasts caged in satin. He ran his thumb up over her taught nipples.

“Do you like the way that feels, Vicky? I’m going to make you teachers little pet.”

Vicky could feel a tingling in her belly as Mr. Simpleton spread her legs and staired. She never imagined this would actually happen and she was a little nervous. His big rough fingers circled her nipples sending little shock waves through her body. Her pussy was getting wet.

“Yes, Mr. Simpleton, it feels very nice” she said in shallow gasps.

He pulled her up and off the desk and kissed her with an experts lips. A moment later she was bent over the desk, face first. He began to rub his hands over the cotton panties covering her slit. She let out a whimper.

“Your getting your panties all wet you little slut.” He smacked her ass with a yard stick.

Vicky was not prepared for the stinging across her ass, she winced in pain and began to cry.

“I’m sorry” she told him through sobbing breaths.

“It’s OK my little slut, no harm done. When I’m through with you you will beg me to spank you with my stick.”

He slid her panties down and laid them on the desk. She could hear him unzipping his pants. He ran his hands gently over her sore ass before dipping his finger into her folds. He worked his finger in and out slowly then trailed it over her anus. He stuck his finger in her ass and she bucked forward on the desk.

“Its OK, just relax. I’m going to take very good care of my little pet. You will know how fun it is to be my little slut”

Vicky tried to relax. No one had ever fingered her ass before. After a minute it began to feel good. She could feel his hard cock on her behind moving in rhythm with his finger. Finally when she could take no more pleasure without going over he entered her wet opening sending her over the edge. The orgasm spread from her core to her limbs, she cried out for him.

He could feel her succumb to him as his finger moved in and out of her tight little ass. His cock was starting to hurt, he was so turned on. When he could no longer take it her entered her. He could feel her muscles contracting as she came, almost taking him with her. He had other plans for his release. He fucked her until her pleasure was over, then pulled out and sat back in his seat.

“Come be a good little pet and suck Teachers cock, now”

Like a good teachers pet she did what she was told. She took him into her mouth, every last inch and sucked him the best she could. He bucked his hips forward moving in time with her. She could hear his moans growing louder, his breathing becoming more shallow. She moved her mouth more quickly now. Finally she felt him explode, the thick warm liquid filling her mouth. She swallowed and stood again.

He could see the shame on her face, the fear, the doubt. He smiled at her.

“You did very well, my pet. You will meet me here again tomorrow after school. I will tutor you everyday until I think you have earned your A. Now go, I need to catch my breath.”

He thought of all the things he was going to do to her as he watched her leave the room. I love Teachers Pets!

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